5 things to look for in a new home

Once you decide it’s time to buy a new home you have to set some ground rules. The first thing you have to know is to stay within your budget, and the second is that the more money you set aside for a real estate agent the better property will be shown to you for a better price. If you are in the market for some real estate in Phoenix you might want to contact the real estate agents phoenix az, as they have shown to be one of the best in the field in that area.

So, once you know those two things it’s time to start looking for homes and also to keep in mind the next 10 things that should be checked before you buy a new home.

  1. Check the temperature

Every home can look good from the outside or the inside, but how do they hold up during the extremely hot days during the summer and the cold days that roll around when winter comes. If you want to have these things in perspective you might want to check out the temperature of the home and in every room. If all the rooms have the same temperature and don’t fluctuate noticeably than you have good isolation and the temperature will be bearable during the hot and cold days.

  1. Inspect the roof

Inspect the roofMake sure that once you go inside the house you get taken to the roof for a proper inspection. Many homes suffer from an old roof or a neglected one and you need to invest money into fixing it or it will cost you a lot more down the line when you get water damage on your walls or on your ceiling. Inspect the roof in every home you check out.

  1. Notice the smells

Once you enter a home you have to know how it smells. Every home has a certain smell and even more its influenced by smells around it. Notice if there are any fouls smells like from the sewer or a close garbage dump, and if you have allergies notice if there is any strong plant smell, as there might be a tree right in front of the window or just under it that might affect you.

  1. Check the plumbing works

Every home has to have some work done on it after it’s been used by somebody. If you want to know how the owner before you treated the home, ask how often it was visited by a plumber. If it was not visited than the moment you move in there might be a need for a plumber, but on the other hand, if they did come and check and fix things on a regular schedule you might not need to fix anything major.

  1. Check the land around

If you are afraid of fires or maybe you have allergies or don’t like certain things, you must be aware of them before you move. Check the land and the neighborhood around the home as you might find things that you don’t want to have near you and if these things can be dealt with you might want to look for another home.